Useful Django commands that you should know.



Install Virtual Environment for your project only:

pip install virtualenv

Now make virtal environment:

virtualenv myvenv (virtual Environment must be create at project root folder).


For activate Virtual Enviroment:

source myvenv/Scripts/activate (Use Git for this command)

after activate virtual environment you can do what ever you want to do in python.

if you want to exit from virtual env. write:


Want to know what django do for you ? write :
django-admin help

want to start new project then write :

django-admin startproject wordcount <-(Project Name)


if you wish to start your project and see on a Browser then write :

python runserver


Now Create as much App as you want for your Project:

python startapp blog


Migration Commands:

python makemigrations
python migrate


pip install Pillow (This is for Image Handling in Python)

Create superuser for Admin Staff:

python createsuperuser
username: jaqsamacode
password: ***********

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